From Karolyn Homrich:

My interaction with Michelle from AgeWise came during a most difficult time in our family's life. Our brother was involved in a car accident that would change his life (and ours) forever. He would spend 45 days in the neuro unit at a hospital, 3 weeks in rehab and then onto a memory unit for over 5 months. Michelle would help us navigate so many hurdles during this time. She became our liason and our brother's best advocate. As we were just overwhelmed with the neurological care our brother was in need of, it was apparent we needed to prepare for the next step. Michelle helped make calls, look up information regarding what facility would be appropriate for him, and sometimes just listened, a friend for sure. Ultimately, Michelle was amazing at connecting us with the facility where he currently resides. Michelle was able to do what was needed to set up each next step, so we could focus on the high neuro care he was needing. She truly went above and beyond what we expected. We will never be able to thank you enough for how you helped us and our brother.
You are a blessing to many.

From Brenda Terry:

Age wise was recommended to me by a Neurologist who said Michelle was a "really sharp gal". He went out of his way to find a business flyer to make sure I had the information to contact Agewise. From his words and actions, I had high expectations ( if HE, a doctor was impressed?!.) In the end, my expectations were all fulfilled. My experience with Agewise was positive through the entire process of finding a better placement for my friend. Michelle gathered information specific to our needs and narrowed the field to places I had not even heard of before. She knew the questions to ask on the tours, and advocated to meet all our requirements, and wishes. Michelle gave me honest answers. She communicated to the facilities on areas where they fell short of our expectations. In the end, I had a difficult time choosing between two sites that met all our requirements, and needs. We had options! The one we selected has been a wonderful placement with improvements in safety, food, activity and communication. I am able to rest easier knowing my friend has better care. I have recently recommended Agewise to a dear friend and I am currently in the consultation phase with Agewise for the needs of one of my own family members.

From Kimberly Tripp:

Working with Michelle is always a pleasure. It's evident that she cares for her clients and seeks out the best fit for their next stage!

From Lisa Miller:

My contact has been very supportive and has continuously stayed in touch with me during my trials and errors in trying to get my elder relative into assisted living care. She is Educated on the multiple resources available and is not afraid to work with any of them on behalf of clients.

From Greg Hodge:

As an Elder Law Attorney, I am always asked for help on finding appropriate placement for long term care and I refer all my clients to Michelle Herron at Age Wise. Michelle does such a great job helping these families understand the different care options that exist. I am blessed to know her and to have her as an available resource for the families I help.

From Mary Troost:

Michelle Herron is a blessing when it comes to finding eldercare solutions for your loved ones, she has guided me with finding a safe and caring nursing home for my mother earlier this year. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field! I highly recommend AgeWise Eldercare Solutions!

From Ed Sutter:

When my father was scheduled to be released from the Spectrum rehabilitation program I was given a list of assisting living places for the next phase of dads recovery.  For days I struggled to match my dad’s care requirements with a facility that could take him.  Unfortunately I wasted my time and others visiting assisted living places that were unable to take dad because of his medical needs at the time.   What a welcome relief when AgeWise was recommended to me!  Michelle Herron immediately took up my father’s case, and within a few days matched dad with a skilled nursing facility that provided the right mix of care, location, and a private room which, for my dad, was key to getting better rest during the next phase of recovery.  I also appreciate Michelle’s foresight in finding us a place that offered assisted living within the same campus.  Later this made the transition to assisted living almost seamless for dad.


Ed Sutter

From Amy Sluka:

I want to say thank you to Michele Herron. Age Wise is a fantastic resource for families that need help and have no idea where to begin. Without Age Wise, we would not have the peace of mind that we do today. Michele did all the leg work, phone calls and set up business connections for our family at a time when we were struggling to make it through each day with our mom, let alone all the new decisions that come with an unexpected fall and the news that your mom can't go back to her own home and now needs 24 hour care. Our family will forever be grateful.

Sincerely Amy Sluka